Qstrom, LLC. utilizes servers from enterprise quality data centers in Dallas, Texas and Washington, D.C. designed for mission-critical colocation, managed hosting and cloud computing services. The facilities are developed by leaders in the data center construction industry and are built to the most up-to-date specifications. The data centers Qstrom, LLC. uses are Tier III, with some Tier IV attributes, as classified by The Uptime Institute. Finally, Qstrom, LLC.’s data centers are put through the commissioning process, testing the co-location centers holistically to ensure proper performance at maximum demand load. It’s an added expense, but one they undertake to ensure success in their facilities.



As experts in enterprise and government data security, our provider understands the compliance, risk management, and information security management challenges they face. Their goal is to exceed commercial, government and Department of Defense compliance regulations and mandates. Their systems and services have been independently validated by commercial, federal and DoD compliance and regulatory standards.​


Our provider prides themselves on being a flexible organization wrapped in process. In fact, all of their processes, methodologies, control measures and audits are based on sound ITIL/ISO criteria. Their data centers are SSAE 16 Type II and SAS 70 II audited, so we know that the control measures are legitimate and designed to provide us with an audit we can use. They are committed to delivering technology services with heavy emphasis on security and compliance regardless if their customer is a Fortune 500 corporation or a forward-thinking small or medium sized-business.

Dallas, Texas Location Characteristics​​​​

  • Space

    Features 25,000 Tier III/IV data center space. Offering cages and lockable cabinets situated on a 32-inch raised floor.

  • Access and Security

    They provides 24 X 7 days a week on-site security. Cage access is controlled by biometric access readers.

  • Monitoring

    All critical building systems are monitored 24x7x365 at their network operations center.

  • Air Conditioning and Cooling

    Cooling is configured as 2N with thirty 30 ton units on the floor. Chillers are configured 2N.

  • Conduits and Risers

    Multi-mode and single-mode fiber conduits (redundant pathways) to the meet-me-room.

  • Electrical Power

    The space offers a total capacity of 3.3 Megawatts of power. UPS is configured with Eight 750 kVA systems. Power is served by two sub-stations with diverse entry paths into the facility. Further, power is fed from both the Dallas County power grid as well as the Denton County, TX power grid.

  • Generator Yard

    Their data center is served by four 2,000 kw generators, backed up by a fifth 2,000 kw generator. The generator yard is located behind fifteen foot high retaining wall around the perimeter for security. Generators are tested on a weekly basis. Fuel storage tanks have a capacity of up to 48,000 gallons of diesel fuel.​

  • Fire Suppression

    The space has under floor and overhead smoke detection system and a double-interlock pre-action suppression system.

  • Fiber Providers

    Fiber enters the building through two separate entrance facilities on different sides of the facility. Companies providing fiber communications services are AT&T, Time Warner Telecom, and Verizon. Dark fiber connects the facility to three separate locations.​

Washington, D.C. Location Characteristics​​​​

  • Capacity

    2-10 MW of Tier 3 (with Tier 4 data center attributes) data center space

  • Green Design / Energy Efficiency

    ​Air and Water side economization, flywheel UPS and Innovative two-story design lead to zero attrition to raised floor area. The facility was awarded the Green Award by NVTC

  • Data Center Security

    With a 150' security-surround 5' earthen berm and 8' Ram steel fencing protecting the perimeter and pop up wedge barriers inside 24/7 guarded access, the facility provides heightened security. Biometric readers and CCTV for all egress an ingress points are two of the aspects that make it DTRA and NISPOM compliant.

  • Telecom

    A carrier-neutral facility, it features AboveNet, Fiberlight, XO, Level 3 and NOVEC, delivered via three diverse feeds

  • Power

    50 MW of Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) primary power delivered, with optional second 50 MW feed, all sourced from dual substations. High density colocation up to 300 W/sq. ft.

  • Electrical Infrastructure

    Multiple power and cooling paths in an N+1 system with, 25 x 2.1 MW HiTech diesel rotary UPS, 34.5 kV at transformer level and 480 V conditioned and protected at PDU level. 120 hours of fuel storage at full load

  • Cooling

    Cooling is provided by 10,800 tons of refrigeration in an N+2 system configuration, with 8 x 1800 ton chillers with 8 x 2 cell cooling towers, supported by 60 x 60,000 CRM air handlers/ 240 tons per and 500,000 gallons chill water storage running through redundant chilled water piping loops. All pumps and motors equipped with VFD

  • Fire Suppression

    Critical areas have dual-interlock dry pipe pre-action system